Greatness from small beginnings

I’d like to start your Monday’s off with a little motivation in the form of a quotation. Perhaps you need to get to work and don’t have time to read a full post (however brilliant). Let me at least give you something to ponder over until you do have the time.

“There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory.”         ~Sir Francis Drake

Let’s start at the beginning. The origin of Gradient.

Gradient Productions started as six individuals: Rebecca Noles, Nathanael Sams, Ethan Borden, Alisha Noles, Josh Luna, & David Rodriguez. Each with their own talents, they became close friends who collaborated on many different projects..

*Totally drew this during a photoshoot we all were in!*

Rebecca Noles was celebrating her brothers 21st birthday at Glenwood Diner in Eugene, Oregon, when she was struck with inspiration. She had often thought of running her own production company, but suddenly it all seemed so possible with those friends. Her sister Alisha loved the idea, and so wrote out their first contract: On a napkin.

A few weeks passed, and Gradient found it’s first job at Silk Cafe. Their first commercial was met with success, and soon after a follow up was created. Using both new and recycled footage to create a more cost friendly piece of work, they went on to win a Telly Award for “Best Local Food and Television Commercial”.

The summer of 2010 was incredibly busy. Gradient produced their first original short film, a comedy called “Physical Education”. They then donated their services to the “Judo Jon Fund”, a silent auction aiding one man’s fight against cancer. The 30-second commercial that Gradient donated went on to raise the highest bid of the night. Then, just in time for political season, they were contacted by and worked on 3 separate campaigns, 2 of which won.

In August 2010 they officially became an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and by the end of the year, Gradient Productions had completed 22 videos, began work on 6 more, and entered “Physical Education” in a number of Northwest film festivals.

Currently, we are working on an App, re-designing our website, 6 different videos, looking to partner with another company as well as expand into a whole other sector, streamline the production process, and talking to potential interns!

Our motto is, “Concept 2 Completion”, and means that if we, or you, or someone has an idea they want to expand upon, we are here to make it happen. From the most basic concept until it be, “thoroughly finished,” as a completed piece, we can make it happen. Because it’s what we do, and we love it.


About Gradient Productions

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