8.5 LBS of Possible Bias

“Hopefully the red carpet is prettier this year!”                                                                                          ~Alisha Noles

An Oscar weighs 8.5 lbs, so when some actress gets up there and laughs about how, “This thing is heavier than I expected!” You don’t have to roll your eyes. You could kill someone with one of those things.

I say, “possible bias” not in reference to any sort of bias that may *cough* or may not *cough* occur in the Academy or as far as how the Oscar winners are chosen. In fact, I speak of the bias that occurs within Gradient towards who we pick. See, in all honesty, we haven’t seen every single movie that is on that list…yet. So, here are Gradients members answering a few simple questions:

What was your favorite movie of 2010? What is your pick for Best Picture? And who are your choices for Best Actor and Best Actress?

Alisha: ”Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, because I enjoyed all the craziness of it; visually, the special effects, how they did it was amazing, they did it like a graphic novel. It was a graphic novel in motion. And what they pulled off in their production design was just really incredible too. And I haven’t seen enough of the movies to make an adequate choice! So I will just say that “Up” should win…for everything.”

Ethan: “It’s hard to say, I loved “Book of Eli” and “Inception”, but “127 Hours” I really enjoyed, like I will watch that movie…for the rest of my life…numerous times. But my favorite movie, I would have to say…ugh, that Leonardo Dicaprio movie!….oh, “Shutter Island”!

Nathanael: “Favorite movie, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” because of the Universal theme song at the beginning, and how it sounded and looked like a video game. It was epic and completely under the radar. And I learned the website of Amazon.Ca, which I did visit. I think “The Social Network” is the best film, and Jessie Eisenberg’s performance was incredible, but James Franco’s heart and performance were equally incredible. And for actress, Natalie Portman because I have a crush on her, I feel bad because I haven’t seen any of those movies…so Natalie Portman.”

Becca: ”I have three favorite films, but they’re all really different.”                                    Nathanael: “Ok wait, let’s establish that Becca needs a limit, because she will go on for 20 minutes.” Becca: “Overall best film, that just fascinates me, is “The Social Network”, but “Book of Eli” was amazing, and “Easy A” was the best comedy. Nathanael: What about Scott Pilgrim?! Becca: “Oh my gosh I forgot Scott Pilgrim!…..for best film I would say “The Social Network” because it’s really relevant and subtle. Best Actress, I really wish Anne Hathaway were nominated, but I’d have to pick Natalie Portman. And James Franco, because I think that movie depended so much on his performance and it was incredible.”

Josh: My favorite movie was “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”, because it was really visually cool. And best movie, “Black Swan” but I haven’t seen any of the other nominees, so yeah. Natalie Portman definitely should win Best Actress, and Best Actor? Jeff Bridges in “True Grit”…..because that’s the only one I saw!

David: My favorite movie of the year was “Black Swan”, it just blew me away in every aspect and kept me entertained the whole time….Mila Kunis wasn’t bad either 😉 As far as Best Picture, I would say “Inception” because it was completely original, and blew my mind. The acting was superb, and the story was beautifully complex. Best Actor I have to say Jeff Bridges, but that is the only film I’ve seen. I really want to see “Biutiful” and “127 Hours” and when I do, I think they might change my mind. And Natalie Portman for Best Actress, because I love psycho roles and she got about as crazy as you can get.

So tell me, readers, who would you pick?



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