Tech Fest: The Cascade Mountain Video Show

“This film cost $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country.” ~Clint Eastwood

Truly the cost of a big budget movie, or for that matter, any serious, professional movie is astounding. But times are changing as Gradient found out at last weeks Cascade Mountain Video Show. New technologies are emerging that offer portability, multiple use features, and a newfound cost-friendly attitude.

This event showcased many top of the line models of cameras, mic’s and other equipment. As we explored each areas tech, we noticed that many of the best models that were highlights of the show were already being used by us!

There was a Shot-Gun Mic they were showcasing that we had just recently bought. It’s an incredible microphone capable of recoding a very wide range of audio, from a wide range spectrum as its name implies, to being able to focus on an individual within a crowd.

Special guest speaker Alex Buono is the cinematographer for SNL (Saturday Night Live) and gave a very interesting presentation on his work, methods, and equipment he uses. We found out he shoots a lot of the funny intros on DSLR cameras, even using one that Gradient uses.            When asked, “How do you suggest doing sound with those?”, implying that digital cameras offer a limited amount of options as opposed to large video cameras, he explained that many DSLR’s offer the same quality, without the bulk. Many who use digital cameras to record video utilize an updated zoom recorder along with a program called Plural Eyes. Their Zoom H4n is the same that he uses, and is also the same as ours.

It was exciting to see that Gradient is up to date and getting the tools needed to make the highest grade film possible (other than IMAX of course, but those are huge) and that so much of the film industry is going towards the portable, efficient method. Being able to go on location and not bring an entire crew and still have the same quality drastically cuts production costs.

All in all it was a very interesting, exciting and entertaining event to attend. Besides all the new gadgets, our cameraman Ethan Borden learned some small tips & techniques from the Alex Buono, DP of SNL that will be useful to him in future shoots. Equipment is becoming more affordable for high quality grade, with the same aesthetic, and yet at a cheaper price.

And the hot dogs weren’t half bad either.


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