A Day In the Life

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” ~Henry Ford

My impala parks in the gravel driveway, and I step out into the chilly morning air. There’s a slight fog, but the sun peeks out behind it. It’s 9 a.m and time for a Gradient work day; it’s time to discuss ideas, meet deadlines, edit video and write, write, write.

Inside, Nathanael is making toast, Alisha is steeping tea, Ethan is unpacking computer gear and Rebecca is sipping coffee from Silk Espresso. “Yours is on the counter,” she says to me, pointing to my much appreciated almond mocha. Not long after I arrive, Josh pulls in. Now that all six of us are present, we begin discussing work for the day, who’s doing what.

We disperse, some of us working in pairs and others (like Nathanael) simply plug into their computer, stretch out on the couch and begin the long process of sorting and editing footage. I work in our office with Alisha, who is editing photos for various things. Rebecca begins discussing a meeting we have with a client, and I take notes. Ethan and Josh, like Nathanael, simply buckle down and begin editing for various projects.

At around 2:00, we all take a break, peeling ourselves from our chairs and dragging our glazed eyes away from the computer screens. I run to a local food store and pick up 16 sliders and fries, knowing that when I return there will be a Pixar movie waiting. We don’t watch the full movie, instead choosing “Special Features” and watching “The Making Of”:(insert Pixar movie here) Last time it was The Incredibles.

When we return to our tasks, it is inevitable that we encounter issues. A video, edited and ready to go, won’t import. Photos that were color corrected are to saturated, and I can’t seem to get an annoying YouTube song out of my head. Once those hurdles have been conquered, the next step is approval by the others. Differences of opinion aren’t uncommon but are always resolved. The day comes to a close, we are all burnt out. I can’t bring myself to write another sentence. We all go out, listen to Nathanael play some live music at Silk Espresso, an event every first Friday of the month.

We made a nice dent to the list we needed to get done, but somehow when one project gets finished, it gives way to two more. One question brings about three others, but the same thing is on our minds: We’ll all be back tomorrow, doing what we love. How often do you get to say that?


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