The List

“If you are going to have less things, they have to be great things.”
~John Maeda

Tell me, what items do you have with you this very moment? In the pockets of your jeans, maybe hidden on the inside of a jacket, or tucked away in your purse? Some hardly have anything they carry at all times but their wallet and keys. Others tend to carry everything with them, fearing they may require use of that one thing at that one moment should this one event transpire.

We at Gradient fall somewhere in the center.

There are objects, some useful and others needless, that we carry that have come almost to define our personalities and jobs. Some call it unnecessary, I call it an extension of my self.

I have 3 things on me at all time: A black Sharpie pen, a pocket sized Moleskine notebook, and my belt lined with silver skulls. The first two are necessary, being an avid writer/note taker. My belt is a relic from long ago, reminding me of friends, memories and is something I still treasure and value as a sort of good luck charm.

My co-workers carry similar things with them, the common thread being the iPhones we all carry.

Ethan never leaves without his messenger bag that holds his computer, hard-drives and other equipment. Nor does he go without his green cargo jacket.

Nathanael has an iPod classic that does indeed hold over 80 gigs of music. He also never is without one or two pairs of headphones.

Josh always has two USB drives at his side on a keychain, and a mechanical pencil in his pocket.

Alisha doesn’t go without her little black notebook, black felt tip pen, and can usually be found wearing a scarf.

Rebecca’s choice is in Lucky Brand jeans and a car full of random Gradient things, and she carries a small leather special edition Peanut’s Moleskine notebook, a treasure trove of information on all her daily events.


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