Bizarro World

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
~John Wooden

It started as a joke, but soon became a real question to me: What would happen if we all assumed different roles within Gradient?

Surely chaos would ensue, right?

This concept opened up different thoughts of what might be our individual weaknesses, as well as our combined strengths.
“I think Gradient’s greatest strength right now is that we all understand that everyday is a learning experience. We all push each other to be better and grow.” says Josh Luna.

But what would the nightmare be for him? “Obviously Rebecca’s job. Organizing my life is stressful enough, I would hate to have to do that for five other people! Oh and numbers. I Hate em.”

It wasn’t a surprise that Alisha had no interest in actually trying out whether, for instance, she and Nathanael could switch jobs: “Neither Nathanael or I would be happy with that arrangement. And we would be an entirely different entity, it wouldn’t be Gradient.”

Others didn’t mind the idea so much, though they still harbored reservations. When asked whether Ethan would enjoy being in front of the camera rather than behind, he said, “I would actually have a lot of fun being in front of the camera! Just as long as I knew the camera operator knew what they were doing.”

But it all boiled down to what our President, Rebecca, thought. Switching jobs?: “I like what I do and I like all of them doing what they do. If we switched? Well…I’d rather not talk about it.”


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