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“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Gradient’s commercial has finally been unveiled and now that you’ve seen it, we want to talk about what went into creating it. It took upwards of about 150 hours from concept to completion, and Day #1 of filming ended up being entirely unusable. But from each failure comes understanding, and we learned the incredible process of stop motion.

Our setup was rather complex and delicate, in that once something had been placed there was no room for error or movement.

By far, the mouse and the camera were the most difficult to animate. The camera needed to be propped with tape in order to be viewed correctly, and the mouse had so much fluid motion that it was difficult to account for the organic feel of the “tail”.

The production process was entirely visual, so our art department (Alisha, Josh & Ethan) were all on set. Due to lighting issues and other technical setbacks the first day, it quickly became apparent that another day of shooting was required.

Alisha Noles: “The pre-production process was incredibly important on this piece, from coming up with the initial concept, to creating an animatic, and finally doing a detail storyboard, including how many frames were needed per object. Without careful planning stop motion” projects are impossible.”

Our “Gradient” logo turned out to be what took the least amount of time. And thanks to some quick thinking, the Facebook frame was added in, really helping to tie the commercial together.

Even though the Art Department had a big hand in creating this piece, the role audio played in the final project must not be underestimated. We were all amazed by the work Becca and Nathanael did to help further solidify the charictatures we had created for the objects during production through sound.


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