Why We Epicsode

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” ~Bo Bennett

For those of you newly joining us, we’d like to clarify one aspect of Gradient: Why we make Epicsodes.

These “short-short” films are quite versatile. You may find one humorous, and another informative. The purpose of these are:

1. To entertain You, our audience.
2. Give a glimpse into what we’re doing or working on, our personalities, and creative process.
3. Exercise our creativeness, playing around with new techniques and ideas on a small scale. We try to perfect this process before investing a substantial amount of time.

We honestly love making Epicsodes; they allow us a certain level of creative freedom and fun that is different from making something specific for a client. They are jump-points from which we expand into full storyline’s or concepts. We tweak with new camera and lighting techniques, building experience so that we save time in the future.

We tend to let our work speak for itself, but when you watch a behind-the-scenes-making-of-featurette, you begin to see how and why we really love what we do.


About Gradient Productions

Gradient Productions is a multi-media marketing company that specializes in digital video production, online social branding, music production and graphic design. View all posts by Gradient Productions

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