Under Pressure

“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.” ~Denis Waitley

The month of June came to a close with a deep breath of anticipation, and only Rebecca must’ve known how busy July would truly be. As deadlines fell into place, many culminating mere days apart, I think she was grateful when I returned early from Italy. It wasn’t odd to receive a phone call or text in the middle of the night with details of what needed to be finished or altered.

-We finished 10 videos during the month of July.

The amount of work that goes into each is not to be underestimated as many who are not familiar with production work often do. From concept 2 completion is a bold work method; extending from initial client meetings, to graphics, musical scoring, revisions and successful launch.

-Each video that we produced included original music scoring and mixing.

We further developed and worked on a very secret project in App development, and are finally nearing the testing phase.

-On top of all that, we launched 2 full campaigns complete with video promotion, graphics, and social media integration.

It was a difficult month for all of us, rewarding when we saw our completed projects, and frustrating when we hit those technical problems. Upon upgrading much of our computer software, we found our main music composing program Pro-Tools completely incompatible, and problems with others like Quicktime and Final Cut Pro.

As we leave July, we all feel a bit lighter as those pressures fade. It was difficult, but we tend to shine under pressure.

“July just seems like a blur,” says Nathanael Sams, “All I know is, August will be amazing because I’ll catch up on sleep.”

Looking back, we laugh at the craziness and how much we finished. Our struggles continue to make us a stronger team, and we have never been so excited for what the future holds.

And we hope that you enjoy the ride with us from week to week.



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