Looking Back…

There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been said about 9/11. All I can offer is my quiet prayer for those families who lost someone they loved.

I remember where I was; I was eleven, and getting ready for school. My parents were already awake and when I found them, they were just quietly watching the news. The only thing I remember my dad saying is that, “This is going to change everything.” I really didn’t understand. At school, everyone was buzzing around talking to each other. It only really started to make sense when my teacher explained what was happening and where. But to be honest, I still didn’t get it.

I was young, and my 6th grade mind wasn’t able to focus on nor pay much attention to what was going on what seemed like the other side of the world. I didn’t realize just how close to home it was.

In those ten years, we at Gradient have grown up. We saw one of the worst attacks on America in history, and now strive to build a more peaceful world for the future.

The memorial that has been erected is a sad but beautiful reminder of those we’ve lost, and the design is not to go unmentioned.

For those who were lost are inscribed in a more meaningful order than merely alphabetical.

So that families and friends could mourn together, “The names on the Memorial are arranged in a way that reflects the lives of the individuals they represent: their relationships with other victims, the companies they worked for, and where they were on 9/11.”

We thank those brave men & women who gave their lives ten years ago.


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