Mr. Sams Goes to a Show

“We either learn to live a lie, or we’re waiting here to die.”                                              ~”Saved” by The Dear Hunter

Click on the picture and check out their site

Last tuesday, our superhero of a sound guy had the privilege of attending a concert at the Hawthorne Theatre. Underground bands are not uncommon in Portland; walk down any street east of the Pearl District and you’ll find the telephone poles look like trees made of mostly obscure concert fliers.

“A lot of (underground) bands in the music universe stink, but one band that is blowing the musical minds of people all over is The Dear Hunter.

An indy rock band originating from Providence, Rhode Island, The Dear Hunter has a habit of creating albums with overall themes:

“Their music contains epic arrangements, heart wrenching lyrics, complex musicianship, and catchy singles. Their most recent album The Color Spectrum was a series of 9 EP’s, all containing 4 songs exploring individual colors – BlackRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White.

Click on the pic and check out their album The Color Spectrum

“They were the second band to play a set in the rotation, and played for about an hour and a half. Within their set, they showcased some of their best songs from The Color Spectrum. It was beautiful and I felt really privileged to witness in person an album I’ve loved playing on repeat.” ~Nathanael Sams

“Leave the pain behind, casting fear to the side for just a moment, so things can align. And if I fall, sometimes that’s just fine. As long as I get up, then things are alright.”                    ~”Look Away (Violet)” by The Dear Hunter


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