Mr. Sams and the Transcendental Concert

“If I could write out my own dream, for the next time that I sleep, you’d be the first one that I see, and I, the last one that you keep.” “Sweet Dream” by Greg Laswell

Greg Laswell at Mississippi Studios, Portland, Oregon

It was a night of anticipation for Mr. Sams and good friend Caleb Warren (Mr. Warren). As evening descended over the rose city of Portland, both chaps waited patiently, beers in hand, in line at Mississippi Studios; eagerly awaiting for the doorman to permit entrance to what would be a magical night.

The concert began with Elizabeth Ziman. While she was initially met with only scattered applause, she left with thunderous praise. Her first song seemed to freeze time, and her charisma and humor only added to her talent. Watching her perform, you could see she was doing what she was made for. Elizabeth finished and left the stage as Mr. Sams wiped heartfelt tears from his eyes and Mr. Warren wondered how the show could get any better. Then Greg Laswell walked out.

He was incredible; proving his musical prowess with “Landline.” Then, unexpectedly, he unplugged his guitar and was joined by Elizabeth in an acoustic performance worthy of fame and fortune. The audience held their breath, not making a sound; their voices hung in the air like the lightest snowflake, overwhelming, transcendental even in their beauty. That they hadn’t been discovered boggled Mr. Sams mind. That it was acoustic staggered Mr. Warren’s. It was a night of slow anticipation, light-hearted comedy, enrapturing harmony, and band loyalty and love. It was a night to remember.

“And the morning would be so cruel when it came, with sunshine and warmth to bring, for announcing the end of my sweet dream, for announcing the end of my sweet dream.”


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