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The Power of the Dream

This video marks the 40th anniversary of the MHCC Foundation and captures the triumphs of Mt. Hood students. Accompanying the video is an original song aptly named “The Power of the Dream.” The song is now available on iTunes with all proceeds going to future student scholarships.

Click here to buy the song!


Simple Charity

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

As the days shorten and frost fills the air, it’s easy to get overwhelmed amongst the hustle and bustle of Christmas season. It is also a time of great need, where no act of kindness goes unnoticed. There’s much we can do individually, but collectively we can truly make a difference.

That’s where our friends at Riverview Community Bank come in. For every “Like” they receive of their Facebook page, Riverview will donate $1 to a local charity. Another $1 will be donated for each “Share” of their campaign.

Equally as important is the Fill-A-Bag Campaign. For Riverview, aiding local food banks is an important part in supporting the community. Last year the Gresham community donated 150,000 lbs of food to Fill-A-Bag. This year they hope to donate even more.

Help change lives this holiday season with one simple click and by spreading the word! Together we can make things a little more “Merry”!

A collaborated creation

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”  ~Plato

By now you know that, “We are Gradient and we love what we do,” but what does that really mean? Sure it means that we all love doing what were good at, be it writing, acting, filming, editing, etc, etc. But do you know that we love coffee? Or that I love lemon bars?

Well we also love helping others.

That was our mission this Valentines season, and as you know, we partnered with Silk Espresso to raise money for My Fathers House in their effort to end homelessness. Plato said it right, and we decided what better way to raise money than through song!

Many local artists collaborated on this project, and there were many late nights leading up to its completion. Rebecca, Nathanael and I stayed up until nearly 3 a.m one night finishing up lyrics and brainstorming over potential song titles.

Here is a simple list of everyone who worked on “By My Side”, and we want them to know that they have our thanks:

  • Nathanael Sams: Lyrics, Mixing, Vocals
  • David Rodriguez: Lyrics, Marketing
  • Rebecca Noles: Lyrics, Marketing
  • Josh Luna: Original Album Art
  • Elyse Ethier: Lead Female Vocals
  • Scott Thompson: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
  • Ricky Fletcher: Bass player
  • Michael Scott Pettis: Drum programmer

Again, thank you all, and have a wonderful Valentines Day.

A special thank you

Hello readers!

Though it isn’t yet monday, we wanted to send out a quick thank you to all those who have downloaded our first iTunes single “By My Side” in an effort to end homelessness.

For those who haven’t heard, Gradient Productions and Silk Espresso have partnered together with local charity My Fathers House in their fight to help families who don’t have a home.

Every download and all proceeds of “By My Side” go to this charity. Simply search artist Nathanael Sams and look for this artwork:

Gradient And Silk were also recently featured in the Gresham Outlook, so be on the lookout for that as well!

Again, thank you to all those who have helped spread the word about this cause, remember when you buy it to please rate it, comment, and share it with your friends & family. You can also “Gift” the song as a special way to say Happy Valentines Day, and help spread the love to those in need.

Here’s a link to take you straight to the song! 🙂 Make sure you rate, comment and share!


Also, above is our special promo video for “By My Side”, enjoy!

Helping families, Changing lives. All the while, “By My Side”

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.”~Eden Ahbez

Gradient Productions & Silk Espresso have partnered together this february with hope that love might be shared with those who may well need it most.

My Father’s House is a family shelter in East Multnomah County, Oregon who’s mission it is to, “Provide housing, education and a supportive community so homeless families can regain their independence and transform their lives.” They shelter over 130 families a year, and have a success rate of 85%. Still, there are over 3,000 homeless families in Multnomah County alone, and on average My Father’s House turns away 100 each week.

That’s where we come in. If love can change the world, then surely it can when it is expressed through song.

This Wednesday, February 9th, Gradient & Silk Espresso will release their first song on iTunes: “By My Side”

(Look for this album art!)

This song is not only meant as our own special tribute to Silk Espresso, a place we all love, but to all those families struggling to find a home. Many local musicians & artists came together in the creation of this song, resulting in something entirely unique. All proceeds will go directly to My Father’s House in their fight against homelessness.

We ask that you help us spread the love this Valentines season, and also to help change lives. For just 99¢ we can all make a difference. There will also be a live performance at Silk Espresso on Friday the 11th.

So remember, “By My Side” coming Wednesday the 9th on iTunes.