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Big things, Small Packages

It’s quite a simple guideline, one little requirement with the possibility of a big return: Like Gradient Productions on Facebook.

Will you be the one to Win Big?

For those already enjoying our adventures, your entry is automatic and you need only cross your fingers.

The contest runs through the end of January, so increase the odds by “Sharing” with your friends, who will hopefully share with you if they win!


Simple Charity

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

As the days shorten and frost fills the air, it’s easy to get overwhelmed amongst the hustle and bustle of Christmas season. It is also a time of great need, where no act of kindness goes unnoticed. There’s much we can do individually, but collectively we can truly make a difference.

That’s where our friends at Riverview Community Bank come in. For every “Like” they receive of their Facebook page, Riverview will donate $1 to a local charity. Another $1 will be donated for each “Share” of their campaign.

Equally as important is the Fill-A-Bag Campaign. For Riverview, aiding local food banks is an important part in supporting the community. Last year the Gresham community donated 150,000 lbs of food to Fill-A-Bag. This year they hope to donate even more.

Help change lives this holiday season with one simple click and by spreading the word! Together we can make things a little more “Merry”!