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What to Write?

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~Benjamin Franklin


Writing for Gradient Productions has been both edifying and challenging.

Tasked daily with drafting something worth reading, in various forms, you gain a set of skills unlike those found in a classroom.

Take campaign writing: In order to get your point across the content must be simple, informative, yet creative. For a graphic flyer, you must take into account what the Visual elements are saying, and choose to either let them speak for themselves, or build upon what’s being implied. And considering you have roughly 5 seconds of an average persons’ attention, it must be short.

In the case of Narration writing, cut the unnecessary. “Audiolize” in your head the narrator’s voice and choose words appropriate to their style of speaking.

I pull inspiration from a variety of sources; Apple for the way they speak volumes for a product/campaign in 1-6 words. Certain creative minds for Vanity Fair & National Geographic. Anthony Bourdain and his superior writing “voice”.

I was an actor under the tutelage of an established screenwriter/director, and of the many lessons I learned from him, one that resonated for me as an actor/writer was that, “If you aren’t going to feature something, cut it.”



Re-introducing, Bon Iver!

Bon Iver has been around for a while; since 2007 he’s been considered an “underground” artist. So it’s ironic and appropriate that he win a Grammy for “Best New Artist”.

Click on the picture to hear his new album

A couple of years back, a friend asked our music man Nathanael Sams whether he had heard the folk rock riffs of “Bon Iver”: he hadn’t.

Well, he had – he just hadn’t known it. Four singles of the alternative artist had been featured on the popular show “Chuck”.

So really, Bon Iver isn’t a “new artist”, rather a newly appreciated one.

"Best Alternative Album" & "Best New Artist"

Heavy folk guitars, string arrangements, saxophones, kick drums, and reverberated vocals channel a sound reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, with a little mandolin in between.

If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll enjoy his new album, a good test would be to watch the movie Once. If you enjoy the soundtrack in that film, you’re pretty much guaranteed to love Bon Iver’s new album…Bon Iver.


Happy Valentines Day!

“You don’t always need dialogue to tell a story” ~Pixar